reference Kornwestheim Gumpenbachbrücke on the B27

Data and Facts

Construction Period:

March 2, 2022 - March 10, 2022


Wolff und Müller Ingenieurbau GmbH

Brief Description:

  • Sliding of the semi-integral bridge structure East of the Gumpenbach Bridge, weighing 4,400 tons, using the FLUIDTS sliding system over a distance of 10.55 meters
  • Bridge spans: 30m – 40m – 30m
  • Sliding on 2 abutment axes on support structures as well as on 2 pier axes

Special Features:

  • Use of FLUIDT transport system consisting of:
    • 26 load modules of 2,500 kN each
    • 2 hydraulic power packs for lifting/lowering and 3 hydraulic power packs for sliding
    • 6 steel trackways each with dimensions of 9x1.4 m and 9x1.56 m
    • Various steel plates and height adapters
    • Nitrogen distribution for all 4 axes
    • 1 tool and spare parts container