Photovoltaic systems and wind farms Competence and innovation in the construction of PV systems and wind farms

Max Wild GmbH is your trustworthy and competent partner for the comprehensive construction of PV systems and wind farms. Our commitment to this challenging area spans various key aspects to ensure that your renewable energy projects are not only successful, but also implemented sustainably and efficiently.

Our many years of experience and in-depth expertise enable us to develop individual solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements of your project. From planning to construction to commissioning, we attach great importance to precision and quality.

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Construction roads & crane parking spaces

The right infrastructure for your photovoltaic or wind farm

Construction roads and crane parking spaces

In the course of the construction of photovoltaic systems and wind farms, Max Wild GmbH places a special focus on the comprehensive development of the necessary infrastructure. In addition to the construction of actual energy generation plants, access roads and crane parking spaces also play a decisive role in ensuring smooth operation.

Our services in detail:

Access roads for all load classes:

  • Construction of heavy-duty access roads that can withstand all requirements, including heavy goods traffic.
  • Preparation of existing dirt roads using state-of-the-art milling techniques that are available in-house.

Construction roads for efficient development:

  • Planning and implementation of temporary construction roads for optimal development of construction areas.
  • Consideration of environmental aspects and use of different milling techniques for sustainable construction.

Crane parking spaces with precise dimensioning and load transfer model:

  • Professional dimensioning of crane parking spaces taking into account various factors.
  • Calculation and dimensioning of crane parking spaces especially for the installation of wind farms.
  • Application of load transfer models to ensure the highest safety standards.

Efficient logistics and total solutions:

  • Holistic planning of the infrastructure for efficient logistical handling during construction and maintenance.
  • Minimization of downtimes through well-thought-out routing and placement of infrastructure components.

Max Wild GmbH stands for the highest quality and precision in the construction of photovoltaic systems and wind farms. Through our holistic approach, we ensure not only the successful construction of the power generation plants themselves, but also the creation of the necessary infrastructure to ensure long-term reliable operation. With our in-house expertise in milling techniques, precise dimensioning and load transfer models, we set standards for efficiency and sustainability in the energy industry.

Separators Foundations & Foundations

Solid & Safe

Separators Foundations & Foundations

Max Wild GmbH offers comprehensive services for the construction of solid foundations and foundations. We rely on innovative technologies and proven practices to ensure that your PV systems and wind farms rest on a stable foundation.